2 thoughts on “Il Sassolungo

  1. Hello Gabriele,
    we made the sella ronda together and I had the idea now to look at your homepage. You have mad really nice pictures and I am really impressed. Do you have more pictures from our tour and is it possible to see some of them?
    Thank you for a short response.
    Greetings from Wolfgang Zieglmaier

  2. Hello Wolfgang,

    Nice to read from you. I received your nice comment and I’m glad to read that you liked my pictures 🙂
    How are you doing? have you been in any other places with your mtb?

    I have some other pictures of the Val Gardena area in the Landscape section of the website at the following links:
    http://www.gabrielegatta.com/?p=3019 (thi is from the Stevia Mountain)

    Have a nice day.

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